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The world of music is made for entertaining fans and listeners with its artists’ creations, but they also keep our attention with their scandals.

We wouldn’t be able to find out the juice behind our favorite entertainers in the game without the help of some of the key journalists and personalities who report on all the details.

DETAILS: Get Ready! Vh1 Set To Debut New Reality Series “The Gossip Game”

Vh1 has gathered some of these top women in the NYC area to show us what their lives are like trying to make it to the top by digging deep into the world of hip-pop in a new series called The Gossip Game.

The cameras follow around the lives of the likes of Angela Yee, K. Foxx, and even our very own Sharon Carpenter!

VIDEO: DJ Envy Reveals Secrets Of The Breakfast Club!

These ladies let us step into their shoes and see what their world is like as they progress their careers to dominate the music gossip game.

Check out the trailer for The Gossip Game above! The show premieres April 1st at 9pm. 

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