Ever since Hannah May stopped by our offices last year for an interview, we have yet to break off our love affair with the adorable Irish import.

PHOTOS: Hannah May Is “That” Girl in Steamy New Video

It seems the rest of the world has finally caught up to all the hype, because the super sexy, red-headed model has landed a great role in Witch Hollow, a Syfy flick about a group of friends who conjure spirits of witches who died burning at the stake. 

Although little Miss May has been on her grind making a name for herself in the modeling industry, it seems like nothing can hold her back from taking Hollywood by storm.

Miss May is ready to put aside her jet-setting lifestyle in order to take her career to the next level, leading to even bigger roles! 

PHOTOS: Hannah May is GlobalGrind’s New “It” Girl

No complaints here, as long as we get to keep seeing more of that beautiful porcelain doll face.

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