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Kim Kardashian has no problem letting it be known that her future baby daddy is the one who influences her fashion sense, but we never would have figured her to be the type to get emotional over a set of bangs! For now we will blame it on the pregnancy hormones. 

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The expectant mommy recently turned to her hair stylist Philip Wolff to change up her look a little bit, and while the stylist admits he rarely agrees to make drastic changes to hair of pregnant women, he told US Weekly “I could feel she was ready and this was something she’d been thinking of doing for a while now,” so he made an exception for Kimmy. 

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While she did have her mom and sisters on hand, Kim was uneasy with the absence of one person: Mr. West. 

“She was definitely nervous. She even said jokingly, ‘What if I start crying…?'” said Philip, who also said he was confident Yeezy would approve.

“She did say she felt he’d love them on her, so that made me feel even better about it. I’ve had a few interactions with him, and he’s a great guy. Kanye has a huge part in her [style] decisions…which I think is a great dynamic for them as a couple,” the celeb stylist adds. “They both share a passion for fashion and style — I love that.”

While we’ll never know if Kanye loves Kim’s bangs as much as the world and President Obama loved Michelle Obama’s new look, but we know her stylist is happy about his work. He says: 

“She wanted something new without being too drastic…I feel it’s so important for a woman to feel sexy throughout her pregnancy, and this happened to be a small part of that for her. Kim was so happy with the end result…I personally love them on her, but then again, she has such an amazing face shape and bone structure that she was the luxury of wearing almost any style and it looks great. What makes Kim so sexy to me is that she wears her hair — her hair doesn’t wear her.”

How very sweet of him! Check out the gallery above to see Kim’s new bangs.


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