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Yesterday, the world of hip hop froze when a report was released by TMZ saying that Lil’ Wayne‘s family was saying their goodbyes to him in the hospital after he was in critical condition in the hospital.

After close, loved ones tweeted fans saying that he was doing much better and watching the Syracuse game, denying any reports that TMZ wrote, all hell seemed to break loose between celebrities and the news outlet.

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First, rapper and friend T.I. tweeted about speaking to Weezy and his anger for TMZ’s false story:

Then, Reginae Carter, Wayne’s daughter, posted a photo of her on Instagram with the caption that definitely implied how she felt about the fabricated story.

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She captioned the photo:

Don’t listen to The Lies , I swear there all lies TMZ you a fool

Toya Carter, Lil’ Wayne’s ex-wife, also posted a screenshot of a note she wrote to her Instagram to express how she felt about the situation:

The one person who gave fans and followers any sort of reliable update on Weezy’s condition last night was Mack Maine. Once the TMZ report was released and the damage was done, he made sure to pick up the pieces to tweet about how Wayne was really doing, and then blasted TMZ as well:

So far, Despite removing tweets and the portion of their story that claims Weezy was being read his rites, TMZ has kept their story on the site with no new changes or updates since his friends and family have tweeted his recovery and denied their false story.

It looks like we can expect either a lawsuit, or a diss track coming very soon!