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Mayor Michael Bloomberg is at it again.

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A new proposal in New York City would require retailers to conceal tobacco products behind a curtain or under the counter – out of sight to underage consumers. The legislation is set to be introduced to the City Council on Wednesday.

Iceland, Canada, England, and Ireland share this restriction and Mayor Bloomberg is hoping it changes the perception that smoking is acceptable.

Bloomberg says, “Such displays suggest that smoking is a normal activity and they invite young people to experiment with tobacco.”

Retailers who are solely in business to sell tobacco will be exempt from the prohibition and other retailers will still be allowed to advertise tobacco products. The bill will also prohibit retailers from redeeming coupons for tobacco products.

The proposed legislation is made up of two bills that health commissioner Dr. Thomas A. Farley called “logical, important next steps to further protect our teens from tobacco.”

Farley continues, “We have made tremendous strides in combatting smoking in New York City but this leading killer still threatens the health of our children.”

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The second bill included in the proposed legislation is called the “Sensible Tobacco Enforcement” bill. 

The Huffington Post reports that the bill will “prohibit the sale of discounted tobacco products, impose packaging requirements on cheap cigars and create a price floor for cigarette packs and small cigars.”

Mayor Bloomberg is very vocal about his efforts to improve the health of New Yorkers, however his most recent ban on super-sized sugary soft drinks was shot down by a judge last week.

Some have questioned the mayor’s motives, to which he responds, “People always say ‘Oh, you’re doing these health things to raise money. No, that is not the reason. We’re doing these things to save lives.”

SOURCE: Huffington Post