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Rihanna is straight stunting on her Diamonds World Tour. 

Not only is the diva draped in custom Givenchy when she hits the stage, and wearing her own designs when she graces magazine covers like ELLE, but she’s also doing her entire Diamonds World Tour with makeup looks using her own products from a collaborative venture with cosmetics giant M.A.C.

Talk about purposeful branding! 

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Vogue got the low-down on Rihanna’s tour looks, and the integral part of the whole thing is Rihanna’s new lipstick: RiRi Woo.

Her makeup artist for the tour, Christopher Del Castillo, spoke with the magazine and let Rihanna’s beauty looks out the bag. 

“It’s no secret that Rihanna loves a red lip. She created RiRi Woo so it was only appropriate to incorporate it into the tour look. The eye make-up is beautiful but not high maintenance – we decided to use lashes as the focus rather than a heavy liner. We didn’t want anything that would get smudged during costume changes. For this look, it’s really about bringing a long-wearing, glamorous, stage-perfect vision of what you would already notice about Rihanna’s beauty look – if you were up-close, Rihanna still needs to look like herself and the fans in the way back of the venue need to see her stunning features. To do this, it’s all about exaggerated highlighting and contouring her features. I really just think of this look as an amped-up version of her everyday look.”

Two pairs of lashes sounds intense, but we have never seen Rihanna’s makeup game slipping, so we know that with RiRi Woo on the scene, things are only bound to be more amazing. 

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As for the line, Rihanna’s M.A.C collection will launch in May to coincide with her Diamonds tour stop at N.Y.C.’s Barclays Center. She’ll continue to roll out seasonal collections, which will include 31 products, from lipstick and false lashes to nail polish.

SOURCE: Vogue 

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