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In case you missed it, there was a shooting in the wee hours of the morning at South Side Chicago nightclub Mr. G’s, where Chi-Town rappers Lil Mouse and King Samson were hosting.

DETAILS: 7 People Shot During Rap Video Release Party At Chicago Nightclub

So, if you are like us here at GlobalGrind and are curious to learn more about the shooting, you may decide to use Google to do some research, but, if you decide to Google the names of the rappers, you’re going to come across this:

Let’s zoom in a little…

A little closer…

Now, there are two issues here.

The first is that is so racist that they have an open forum where their community can feel free to use the term “n*ggers,” and also that they think there’s nothing wrong with using the sentence “fled like cockroaches” [well, actually they use the term ‘coachroaches,’ so we can see how intelligent these people really are] and the second issue is that this link even comes up in a Google search.

We know there are a lot of crazy, racist people out there and they love to use the internet as their playground, but how about a little censorship.

Putting the racism aside in all of this, no matter what age, gender, race, religion, or ethnicity the people involved in the shooting were, they were still involved in a shooting and are still owed some human decency.

In case you missed it, the shooting that took place early this morning resulted in seven patrons shot after three men pulled guns out.

Thankfully all seven victims are currently in stable condition.