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Chris Brown deleted his Instagram and let go of his Twitter and damn it, it’s been the best thing to happen to Breezy since someone introduced him to music.

The star stopped by Ryan Seacrest today and gave an actually great interview – guess the no interview ban is officially broken. So, with the media blackout lifted, one might wonder what this means for Chris….

It means he is a changed man!

After all, Chris and the media have had a very bad relationship. 

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He sat down with Larry King and everyone made fun of his shirt. Sat down with Robin Roberts and threw a chair through the window. It seemed like whoever Chris was asked to sit down with, the interview was blown out of proportion and made into something other than about the music: Why did you hit Rihanna, why do you have so many tattoos, will you black out on Karruecue…?

Valid questions, but when you’re trying to promote music, these are the last things you want to talk about.

So Chris stopped talking to the media.

He decided to let his tweets and pictures do the talking for him. But a bunch of Twitter beefs, Twitter rants and public apologies later, and Chris neither tweets nor Instagrams anymore.

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For the past 3 months we couldn’t keep track of Chris every day; the public didn’t know his every move. But then somewhat randomly he did an interview with Ryan and it started to remind us that he’s really a nice guy – when he wants to be! 

So instead of focusing on all the negativity, GlobalGrind decided to look back at some of Breezy’s best media moments. He’s not yelling, ripping off his shirt, or swearing; just generally enjoying the company of others and giving the fans what they want! 

In this rarely seen footage, Chris is seen painting a mural for kids in a domestic violence center. Chris Brown has been involved with the Jenesse Center in Los Angeles, California since 2009. He has reached out many times over the years with a goal to better his own life by learning more about breaking the cycle of domestic violence.

Back when Chris was a young lad, he gave a candid interview about growing up and seeing his mother abused. You can really see the anger in Chris Brown, but his openness and realness draws you to him as a person.

The Chris Brown wedding entrance. Sure, it isn’t Chris actually doing anything, but it just reminds us that he makes damn good music. 80 million views. Impressive.

One of Chris Brown’s first interviews after the media blackout featured him talking to Fuse/VeVo about his artwork. Really goes to show you that Chris has layers.

While some folks hated the Real Chris Brown video where he talks about loving Rihanna, it was an honest glimpse at who Chris actually is.

Chris chatted with Ryan Seacrest on the Grammy Red Carpet. This could have been a sparring match for their interview on his show.

Another moment that changed people’s minds was when Chris Brown shed a few tears performing in honor of Michael Jackson at the BET Awards.

This picture of Chris Brown and students at the Debbie Allen School of Dance just melts hearts. Chris is helping students get a scholarship to the dance school. One girl asked for a picture and this is the result. How cool is that? 

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