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Even though most of her fans know her to probably be an expert in drinking and having meatball problems, Snooki has become an expert motherhood since giving birth to Lorenzo.

The 25-year-old Jersey Shore star was recently recruited as MTV’s celebrity baby correspondent, where she released a video on her blog called ‘Snooki’s Celebrity Baby Report’, and gave some advice to Kim Kardashian!

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While one might think that she would talk about the pain of giving birth, Snooks actually reached out to Kimmy to talk about how to look glamorous for the big event!

She told the camera:

I know everything there is to know about how to look glam during labour,’ Snooki wrote in the accompanying blog.

‘It’s a b****, but it’s worth it!’

‘First impressions are everything, so when you meet your baby for the first time, you have to be flawless.’

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She also said to try and get a different color for the walls in the birthing room!

‘Choose a pink or a red – stay away from the nudes, you want to make sure you look good.’

She also tells Kim to keep an extra pair of eyelashes “or just do what I did and bring a whole box.” With Kanye West by her side in the delivery room, we don’t think that Kim will be looking anything less than glamorous for the birthing process but check out the meatball’s tips in the video above!