Is shit really about to hit the fan?

DETAILS: North Korea Blocks South Korean Workers From Crossing The Border 

The North Korea army said that it had final approval to launch “merciless” military strikes on the United States that involved the possible use of “cutting-dge” nuclear weapons.

The General Staff of the Korean People’s Army (KPA) said it was formally informing Washington that reckless US threats would be “smashed by… cutting-edge smaller, lighter and diversified nuclear strike means”.

“The merciless operation of (our) revolutionary armed forces in this regard has been finally examined and ratified,” the statement said.

This isn’t the first time North Korea has aggresively threatened the United States. A month ago they threatened a pre-emptive nuclear strike and last week the supreme army command ordered its strategic rocket units to combat status for strikes on the US mainland and US bases in Guam and Hawaii.

“The moment of explosion is approaching fast,” Thursday’s statement said, adding that a war could break out on the Korean peninsula “today or tomorrow”.

“In view of this situation, the KPA General Staff in charge of all operations will take powerful practical military counteractions in succession,” it said.

But U.S. officials aren’t scared yet. Despite a successful long-range rocket launch in December, most experts believe North Korea is years from developing a genuine inter-continental ballistic missile that could strike the mainland United States.

DETAILS: U.S. Deploys Fighter Jets To South Korea! 

Better to be safe than sorry. Maybe it’s time to start gearing up.


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