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Okay, we just want to say right now that we can’t confirm whether or not this is an April Fool’s joke. 

If it isn’t, it may have cost Ben Baller a friendship, and Bobby and Ben Hundreds of the L.A. based streetwear brand, The Hundreds, may have taken ratchet to a whole new level. But if it is, this is one of the most elaborate April Fool’s jokes of all time.

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As a “marketing expense” Bobby and Ben Hundreds decided to make the world’s most expensive chain based on their Hundreds bar logo for $3,115,000.00.  Ben let’s them know that he can do it, and will need to outsource the work to India because it is such a big job. But even though the job at hand was huge, he was able to make it in two weeks. 

Although many people in the blogosphere are still calling this an April Fool’s prank, there are a few holes in the story that make us unsure of what to believe.

1.  The $500,000 down payment check that Ben got was made out to “Ben Slang,” which Ben claims is one of his business account names, but it was issued on March 26th, 2013 which was only a week ago.  He says the chain took 2 weeks to make.

2. The chain looks super fake.  It almost looks like a piece of wood that was spray painted gold.  We are very familiar with Ben’s work and this chain, even if it was outsourced looks poorly done.  It doesn’t shine at all for something with so much gold and diamonds.

3. Ben is claiming that the chain is 100% real.  Unless by “real” he means that it exist, we’re not sure how authentic the chain is.  On his website, Ben wrote :

I’m a grown ass man if you didn’t already know. so with that said, I will be cashing a big check in an hour. I will not be talking about anything else in regards to that because it goes back to a situation I’m not proud of or happy with…. so thanks Bobby and Ben for the opportunity and with being a grown man, I do NOT fuck with April Fools jokes, I also wasn’t aware of the fact that the hundreds have done some April fools jokes, the only problem is that this didn’t fall on april fools.

4. The Hundred have posted the chain on their website for the full $3,115,000.000

5. There is actually a breakdown of the materials used as a total 700 carats of diamonds, comprising 16 solitaire 1-carat VS1 E color diamonds and 2090 brilliant round solitaire diamonds ranging from .25 to .34 carats – all certified for VVS1 clarity and presented in a remarkable, achromatic D-grade coloration

6. Ben & Bobby had a full blown argument about the chain on the premier episode of Ben’s internet reality show.  We’re pretty sure that Ben would have had production edit out someone arguing about the quality of his work.

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We’re not sure what to think.  What if someone actually buys it from the Hundreds website? If it’s fake will their money be refunded? There are so many questions that we have and very few answers. 

You be the judge by checking out the video above.

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