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A man was arrested Friday evening after shooting his 5-month-old baby in the head before attempting to kill himself.

According to, the 21-year-old man was unable to turn the gun and shoot himself due to a family member tackling him.

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The site reports:

Investigators said Petersen laid his son, Ryker, on a couch, went into another room and loaded a single .22 round into a rifle, then returned and shot the baby. Investigators said Petersen told them he had been planning to kill his son and then himself for the past month.

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The 5-month-old was taken to American Fork Hospital before being transferred to a children’s medical center where he was pronounced dead.

An American Fork Police member told the press:

“Through our investigation, we learned that (Petersen’s) intent was to kill his son and then himself.”

“It’s definitely a terrible tragedy for the family, and out heart goes out to them.”

We pray for the family of the 5-month-old, and hope that justice is served.