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The Love & Hip Hop season 3 reunion starts tonight at 8PM EST and let us tell you, it is a must see!

While following the most recent series of relationships, drama, and habit of mixing business with pleasure, there were several interesting stories embedded within the show – one of those being the relationship between Mendeecees Harris and Yandy Smith.

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We love Yandy because she’s business-oriented and responsible, but real at all times. Her love life suddenly blew to smitherines early on in the show as it was revealed Mendeecees had been arrested for sexual assault and drug trafficking charges.

He has since been acquitted for the sexual assault charge, but remains in jail for the others while Yandy stays strong for their newborn son and Little Deecees.

In light of part one of the reunion show airing tonight, Yandy sat down with VH1 to talk love, mixing business and pleasure, staying classy, and making mistakes. Here are a few snippets from the candid interview below:

VH1: Let’s talk about the reunion. You kept it very cute & classy as always. Is it hard to do that sometimes with all the drama?

Yandy: You know what, it really isn’t. It’s hard personally because sometimes I just want to strangle certain people. But when I think about everybody that’s watching, and I think about the young girls, I think about my mom and my dad that I gotta answer to, and I think about Omare that I’m gonna have to answer to, it’s not hard – when you put it in that type of perspective. It’s not hard. Nobody matters to me that much to lose my cool, or hurt my brand.They don’t matter that much.

VH1: You also gave both Erica and Rich advise about mixing business with pleasure. Do you think there’s a situation of mixing business with pleasure can ever work?

Yandy: I do. I just think with limitations. I would say you should never be a manager of your client because I just feel when you come home – if you’re a manager – what else is there to talk about besides work? Management is so demanding. It’s a 24 hour job. My clients call me whenever, however, how often they want. And when you’re a manager you should be able to come home and that’s home time. It’s not work and manager time.

VH1: How do you feel about Rashidah? (The woman who got mad after Mendeecees said he had sex with her)

Yandy: You know, honestly, I have no feelings. I really don’t. She’s not someone I know. She’s not someone that I have a relationship with so I have no feelings at all about her.

VH1: Speaking of Mendeecees, was it hard to show the highs and lows of your relationship?

Yandy: No. It wasn’t hard because we’re all human, and we’ve all been in relationships that you have to fight for and work through, and he was open about him not being the man he needed to be, but I wasn’t always the woman I needed to be for this relationship. It took us time. It took some years to get where we are today and it wasn’t only him. He just was easy to talk about it, more so than me. It got us to a place that helped us to be stronger. I’m not gonna sit here and say my stuff didn’t stink in the past, or it was always perfect because it wasn’t.

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Check out the crazy sneak peek of part one of the reunion show below…