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If you love Amber Rose’s Instagram page as much as we do, then it isn’t news that the Philly girl loves her some body ink.

Since giving birth to her baby Sebastian with hubby-to-be Wiz Khalifa, Amber has spent some time under the needle with her tattoo artist, and she is finally ready to unveil her new body masterpieces. 

Yesterday, the bald beauty posted a photo of her newest ink, a follow up to a black and white portrait of her dogs Frankie and Pauly, and of course, a tat kept in the realm of family. 

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Having trouble guessing what it is? 

It was a portrait of none other than Wiz Khalifa. The black and white ink tattoo features Wiz in one of his iconic open-mouth poses and seems to be placed on her upper arm. But Wiz isn’t alone, in addition to the tattoo of her boys and Wiz, Amber also showed some love to her mom Dottie by getting a portrait of her mother in her younger years tattooed on her arm as well. 

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As expected, the context of the tattoos was of course debated heavily in Amber’s comment section, but a tattoo is far less permanent than embarking on the joint voyage of bringing a child into this world, so they probably should abstain from judging. 

This is the second couple tattoo the pair has, as Amber has “Cam” tattooed on her hand and Wiz has “Amb” tattooed on his as well. 

The artwork is beautifully done and it seems like Wiz and Amber are well on their way to a beautiful life together with Pauly, Frankie and baby Bash.