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Sunil Tripathi is not a suspect.  Although he was mentioned by the Boston police on their scanner as the person they were looking for, we have learned that in fact Sunil is not wanted by the police in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings. 


Despite reports from the police scanner that confirmed Tripathi was, in fact, the person who they believed to be the second suspect, NBC News reported that the missing Brown University student is not a suspect.

NBC’s Pete Williams conflicting report:

“Authorities say these people came from overseas… had overseas military training [and have] been here about a year,” NBC’s Pete Williams — the most reliable source through a chaotic week in Boston — reported Friday, citing multiple sources.

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After three days of investigations, a Boston Police Department scanner has named one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects as Ivy League student, Sunil Tripathi.

Tripathi, who resembeled the person in a white cap in the FBI photos released late this week, was a philosophy major at Brown University, not far from Boston. He comes from a well-to-do family; his father is a rich software engineer.

The student went missing last month without a trace. The FBI became involved in the case, even though it was a presumed suicide.

Right before his disappearance, explosives were found near Brown University, however, they were destroyed in a controlled detonation. Police have yet to implicate anyone in the bomb scare. 

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SOURCE: PunditPress