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Someone isn’t too happy with the Queen of talk shows!

DMX recently appeared on Iyanla’s Fix My Life, but apparently things didn’t work out as planned, since the interview went south during some moments.

After being asked questions about his drug use, the Ruff Ryders rapper got set off by the OWN Network’s TV show host, and he’s now not too happy with Iyanla and Oprah.

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According to TMZ, DMX only agreed to be on the show to fix his addiction to women, not drugs. So when he was asked about his drug use, things became extremely confrontational.

He told the site:

“Iyanla set the whole thing up to make me look bad for ratings,”

He adds:

“That lady is toxic … My last words to her were that she can suck my d**k and she still can.”

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Apparently he’s also looking into his legal options, and is trying to get the video removed from the OWN website as soon as possible!

Well, this isn’t looking too good!