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Sweet baby Jesus we love the ’90s! 

It’s officially Flashback Friday and GlobalGrind decided to take it back to the ’90s.

There are so many eras and genres of music we miss, but the one era in music we miss the most is ’90s R&B. 

Remember Jade? Or what about Groove Theory? 

Yeah, we remembered every single R&B group that was popping in the ’90s.

From bedroom connoisseurs like H-Town, Jodeci, and Dru Hill to soulful divas like SWV, Zhane, Total, and TLC, we can’t quite put a finger on why ’90s R&B is so great, but one thing is for sure, the ’90s proved to be one of the strongest decades for rhythm and blues. 

Take a trip down memory lane and look at the ’90s R&B groups we miss down below!


Biggest Hits: “Can’t You See?”  and “Kissin You” 


Biggest Hits: “Freek ‘N You,” “Come And Talk To Me,” “Forever My Lady,” “Feenin,”  and “Cry For You” 


Biggest Hits: “Peaches And Cream” and “Cupid” 


Biggest Hit: “If I Ever Fall In Love” and “Comforter” 


Biggest Hits: “No Diggity,” “Before I Let You Go,” and “Don’t Leave Me”  

Destiny’s Child 

Biggest Hits: “Say My Name,” “Jumpin’ Jumpin’,” “Bills, Bills, Bills,” “No, No, No” “Survivor” and many more.

Bell Biv Devoe

Biggest Hits: “Poison” and “Do Me” 

Boyz II Men 

Biggest Hits: “Motown Philly,” “I’ll Make Love To You” and “End Of The Road” 


Biggest Hits: “Weak,” “Right Here/Human Nature,” “You’re The One,” and “I’m So Into You” 


Biggest Hits: “Waterfalls,” “No Scrubs,” “Creep,” “Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg” and “Diggin’ On You” 

Dru Hill 
Biggest Hits:  “In My Bed,” “Beauty,” and “5 Steps” 


Biggest Hits: “Steelo,” “Get It Together” “No Doubt,” and “Where My Girls At?” 


Biggest Hits: “Just Kickin’ It,” “Understanding” and “Who Can I Run To” 

En Vogue

Biggest Hits: “Don’t Let Go,” “My Lovin,” “Give Him Something He Can Feel,” and “Free Your Mind”  


Biggest Hits: “I Like The Way” and “She’s Playing Hard To Get” 

Mint Condition

Biggest Hits: “Breakin’ My Heart” and “U Send Me Swingin” 


Biggest Hits: “Hey Mr. DJ” and ” Groove Thang”

Groove Theory

Biggest Hit: “Tell Me” 


Biggest Hit: “All I Do Is Think Of You” 

Tony Toni Tone’

Biggest Hits: “Anniversary,” “Feels Good” “Whatever You Want,” and “Lay Your Head On My Pillow”  


Biggest Hits: “Knockin Da Boots” and “A Thin Line Between Love And Hate” 


Biggest Hits: “If You Love Me” and “Grapevyne” 

Jagged Edge

Biggest Hits: “Let’s Get Married,” “Promise,” and “Where The Party At?”


Biggest Hit: “All Cried Out” 

Az Yet

Biggest Hits: “Hard To Say I’m Sorry” and “Last Night” 


Biggest Hits: “Wifey” “Too Close” and “Butta Love” 

Soul For Real 

Biggest Hits: “Candy Rain” 


Biggest Hits: “Don’t Walk Away” and “I Wanna Love You” 


Biggest Hit: “Come Inside”

Changing Faces

Biggest Hits: “Stroke You Up” and “G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T.” 

Kut Klose

Biggest Hit: “I Like” 


Biggest Hits: “Let’s Chill,” “New Jack City, “Piece Of My Love” and “I Like”


Biggest Hits: “Meeting In My Bedroom” and “Freak Me” 

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