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Hold onto your hats! The Kentucky Derby is this weekend! 

The closest many of you have ever been to the actual event may just be a Kentucky Derby themed party. But no matter.

If you happen to be making an appearance this year the Kentucky Derby (or a themed party) we have put together a list of things to help you get dressed and fit right in…

The hat is very important! 

Many of the men wear hats to the Kentucky Derby but ALL of the women wear them. The bigger the better and nothing is too elaborate. Although you should avoid having an obnoxiously big hat, there is nothing wrong with wearing something that you wouldn’t normally wear unless you happened to be an extra during a church scene in a Tyler Perry movie.

Wear something light and flowing

Let’s face it, Kentucky is hot! If you are going to dress for the occasion, make sure you dress for the weather as well. There is nothing sexy or classy about being a hot sweaty mess.

Dark colors can work too

Just make sure that you have a hat that is big enough to be your shade when you begin to heat up.

Matching is OK!

The Kentucky Derby is about the ONLY time when matching from head to toe is perfectly acceptable. Most of the time the woman’s dress matches her hat. If you want to match your shoes and gloves just like Mrs. Mary J. Blige, that’s fine too.

Suit up gentlemen!

Make sure you have on a suit or at least a jacket and pants. Seersucker is your best friend during the Kentucky Derby since it’s so light-weight, but as long as you pair a suit with lighter colors, you will be fine. The hat for the gents is optional, but Joey Fatone pulled the whole look off beautifully.

You don’t have to go all out

A suit and shirt without a tie is perfectly fine, but you still definitely need a suit or at least a collared shirt and pants. The Kentucky Derby isn’t a frat party.

Matching couples work!

Most of the time matching with your significant other is pretty corny, but not at the Kentucky Derby! If you want to wear the same color that your spouse is wearing it’s not only acceptable, it’s encouraged. Go nuts!

Bring your fashion forward friend

If all else fails, bring your fashion forward friend or gay BFF. Chances are, he may take a few more fashion risks than you will, but he will definitely knows where to draw the line between appropriate and inappropriate. Plus if your husband is unavailable, he will be a great person to talk to when the excitement dies down or the champagne begins to wear off…

If you arrive to the Kentucky Derby and you still feel underdressed, don’t worry – there is literally champagne everywhere! Before you know it, everyone will be too drunk to care.


Photo Credit: Getty Images