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After a public meeting that took place yesterday debating whether or not the town of Newtown should reopen the Sandy Hook Elementary School after last year’s shooting, some are outraged.

One of those who finds the idea to be a bad one is the daughter of the Principal of the school, Erica Lafferty, who is threatening to take action if the school is reopened.

She recently appeared on the Today Show to state what action she would take if the vote goes forward against her favor:

“I will chain my body to it in protest if they try to reopen it.” 
Since the shooting, students have transferred to a school in a local town named Monroe, but need another school to go to.

Officials are debating either opening the old school, or rebuilding a brand new one nearby, which could take more time.

The decision to reopen the school will be decided in another meeting that will take place on May 10.

We hope that the best decision is made for the children of Newtown.