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Leslie Knope.
There’s just no way to truly describe the legendary (yes, legendary, people!), witty, and over-achieving antics of the Pawnee, Indiana Parks Department leader.

It’s hard to tell what one moment has made viewers of the show Parks & Recreation fall in love with City Councilwoman Knope, but we’re sure it has to do with her passion for government and her creepy admiration for her best friend Ann Perkins.

Whether it’s her obsessive love for all things waffles, women empowerment, and Joe Biden, it all just adds to the recipe that might make Leslie one of the greatest television characters of all time (Thank you, Amy Poehler).

Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about Leslie Knope leaving our lives anytime soon, as the NBC hit-show is being renewed for a sixth season. (Not that there should have been any debate!)

The show that makes us cry from laughter and wish we had a staff like the Pawnee Parks Department should stay on the air until we see Leslie in the White House.

Check out some of Leslie Knope’s best moments in the videos below! (Get your ab muscles ready.)

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