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Angelina Jolie had a big day yesterday. 

The 37-year-old Salt actress wrote a moving Op-Ed for the New York Times titled “My Medical Choice,” where she revealed she had a double mastectomy to reduce her risk of contracting breast cancer. 

While the news was a shock to most, it was even more of a shock to Angie’s father Jon Voight. The two saw each other earlier this week, but Angelina didn’t bother to tell her dad about her medical choice. In fact, he found out via the internet. 

Radar Online reports:

“My love and admiration for my daughter can’t be explained in words,” Voight told the New York Daily News on Tuesday. “I saw her two days ago with my son Jamie. We all got together for his birthday, with her and Brad (Pitt). But I didn’t know. It wasn’t obvious at all. I found out (Tuesday) morning,” he added.

“I was as surprised as anyone and deeply moved by the way she’s handled this.”

Angie and her actor father have had a contentious and estranged relationship for as long as we can remember, so we’re not exactly surprised she didn’t bother to tell him!

While Angelina kept things on the low, she wants to world to know she’s extremely thankful for all the love she’s getting

NY Times Columnist Nicholas Kristof tweeted:

“Angelina Jolie also asked me to thank everyone: She is SO grateful and overwhelmed by the outpouring of public support. And she’s thrilled and grateful to see people taking this and having serious, empowering discussions of women’s health.”

Angelina Jolie is truly a class act.

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