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Well, that looks like it hurts.

Keith Luke, the self-proclaimed White Supremacist/racist that arrived in court with a swastika carved into his forehead in 2009, is finally back in front of a judge for his three-week murder trial.

I know that gruesome, totally offensive sign on his head has all of your attention right now, but let’s dial back a bit.

In 2009, Luke allegedly went on a shooting and rape spree that was racially motivated. In the wake of his horrific crime, two were dead and another was critically injured.

According to the Daily Mail, the first day of his trial went a little something like this:

The jury, eight white men and eight white women, heard that Luke had stockpiled gag balls, handcuffs, hammers, hatchets, box cutters and a sledgehammer described as ‘sexually sadistic and meant for rape and torture’ in his room and van after his arrest.

The items were ordered online by Luke – using his mom’s credit card – 90 days before he went on his rampage and prosecutor Frank Middleton told the court that this meant Luke had premeditated his crime.

“It goes to show planning for months,” said Middleton to Judge Frank Gaziano, after he asked for this evidence to be included in the trial which is expected to last three weeks.

He is facing 18 charges, including two counts of murder, six counts of armed assault with intent to murder, armed kidnapping with sexual assault and four counts of aggravated rape.
And when he appeared in court today, he looked a little different from the picture above, when he was fresh from his racially-motivated killing spree.

Luke is thinner and a bit paler, but the swastika that he carved in his head – though healed – is still visible.

Wow, the fact that he would endure the pain of CARVING himself with a knife just to prove how much he hates a certain group of people…crazy. 

SOURCE: DailyMail