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Season 8 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians premieres tonight. Yes, season 8.

As E! continues to make bank on our favorite over-the-top family, we have to evaluate ourselves and think, have we really continued to allow this family to be on TV for 8 seasons? [well really 12 if you count all the Miami, NY and Khloe & Lamar spin-offs]. But anyway, the answer is a very sincere “YES, of course!”

This family is really fucking entertaining, a little annoying at times and sometimes so dramatic you ask yourself “why am I still watching this shit?” but you continue to watch because deep down you really love it.

But why do we really love it?

Scott and Bruce.

Lord Disick and the Olympic gold medalist.

We. love. them.

Here’s Scott:

And here’s Bruce:

And they are the only reason we continue to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Scott is arrogant

and self-obsessed

Like, really

but not in a bad way

because he always keeps it real.

His sarcasm is close to perfect

Did you mean a family that is too klose for komfort?

But even though Scott is above the rest of us…

He doesn’t mind doing a chore here and there

because he gets this

And everything else is just for

We love us some Scott and Bruce … together or apart.

When they’re together, we get gems like this:

The family really has no boundaries

And we assume it can be too much at times

because poor Bruce always gets the shit end of the stick

Totally left out

Taken advantage of

When all he’s really trying to do is just be a good dad


But let us not forget that Bruce is an Olympic gold medalist

And he helped birth these two beauties:

Not these:

And Scott helped birth these:

Scott & Bruce, you should be proud.

We’ll be tuning in just for you.

We love you.