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Tuesdays now have a purpose in my week. 

Season 4 of Pretty Little Liars premieres tonight on ABC Family and let’s just say I’m a little excited. [And by a little I mean a lot.]

If you haven’t heard of PLL yet, I’ll wait for you to get out from the rock you’ve been hiding under.

PLL might be one of the most addicting shows on TV right now.

Watching an episode of PLL isn’t always an easy task.

You have to deal with a lot of twists and turns and ups and downs, all shoved into ONE hour.

The amount of cliff hangers you go through in a season is unreal (and totally not fair.)

Oh, you want to talk to me while PLL is on? Too bad!

Once you’ve been sucked in, you start to second guess yourself. 

Because suddenly you spend your free time wondering what the hell is going on and coming up with theories and explanations. 

You start to conjure up the most ideal explanation for what happened last week with your friends.

God forbid you can’t catch an episode on time and check your Twitter feed. HELLO spoiler alerts!

You yell at your friends for ruining this week’s episode.

But really, you should be blaming yourself for not making it home on time.

You become extremely emotionally involved.

My reaction to Toby being revealed as part of the A Team was a little embarrassing.

Every episode you ask yourself the same questions…

Is someone going to turn up missing?

Is someone going to die?!?

Who the fuck is red coat?

Is red coat Allison and has she really been alive this whole time!??!?!!?!?


Maybe it’s a good thing there’s only one episode a week.

So phone a friend, everything is going to be all right.

Snuggle up, tune in and have your phone ready to tweet your anger when you’re left in suspense for next week’s episode.

Check out Pretty Little Liars every Tuesday at 8pm EST on ABC Family!

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