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Whether you’re a man or a woman, when you think of Rihanna, “sexy” is the first thing you think of … you can’t deny it.

Well, in a short clip from the highly anticipated film This Is The End, a whole crowd of partygoers let the baddest of them all know they really, really want her take her panties off.

Yes, it’s true and it’s all in the form of a song. Now that’s sexy for you.

Craig Robinson leads an impromptu choir and they all sing:

“Come on Rihanna take your panties off!”

Don’t worry, if you follow RiRi on Instagram or Twitter you know she wasn’t going to let that fly.

And, speaking of Instagram, Rihanna posted a bunch of epic photos today with the one and only Azzedine Alaia, who invited RiRi into his home. Major.

SOURCE: SONY | Photo Credit: Instagram