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This is seriously some sci-fi stuff! But how cool is it at the same time?

A doctor in Greece took a picture of the moment he delivered a baby while the fetus was still inside the amniotic sac. 

Dr. Aris Tsigris delivered the baby via caesarean section, and because the sac had not been punctured, Dr. Tsigris said the baby did not even realize it had been born. In fact, the baby, unaware that he had entered this cold, cold, world, was still in his fetal position and behaved as if it was still inside the mother’s womb.

But it’s not the first time something out of this world has happened. Jessica Alba’s daughter, Haven, was born in her amniotic sac as well. And a cute little fact about her daughters name? It was inspired by the sac, because she was brought into this world in a “safe haven.”

How gross, amazing and adorable at the same damn time! Life is a trip!

BTW, the amniotic sac is a bag of fluid inside the womb where the unborn baby develops and grows. Just a little FYI…

SOURCE: Daily Mail