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The intense process of choosing six jurors and four alternates to determine George Zimmerman’s fate is going into its third day.

In all, 10 jurors were questioned yesterday by state attorney Bernie de la Rionda and the defense, bringing the total up to 14 potential jurors. It is unclear if any from yesterday’s pool have been dismissed, however, one potential juror from Monday was relieved.

Yesterday, one juror claimed that she didn’t know Zimmerman’s name until the day before she was scheduled to arrive at court. Another juror thought that if Trayvon hadn’t been suspended from school, he could still be alive.

Check here for a list of responses from jurors yesterday.


9:00 AM EST Thursday, June 13: Here is a screenshot of juror’s E7’s “Enema Facebook” rant. He was one of the jurors dismissed.


5:00 PM EST: Trayvon’s parents hold a press conference after court recesses for the day:

– Attorney Benjamin Crump addresses comment that former NYPD detetive said on television just yesterday. He said that Trayvon would be alive if he didn’t have a quote street attitude. “This comment is reprehensible,” says Benjamin Crump.

–  “As we sit through jury selection we are encouraged,” says Tracy Martin. He asks jurors to “come forth & be honest.” 

– Attorney Crump tells media to stop with the “victim blaming.” 

Here is the entire statement:

“Today on the third day of the jury selection in the Trayvon Martin murder trial we are inspired by the honesty of the potential jurors. Their answers have been forthright and we have faith that the justice system and the members of the public who are selected for the jury will perform their civic duty in a fair and impartial manner. Yesterday, former NYPD detective Harry Houck commented to FOX that Trayvon would be alive today if he didn’t have a “street attitude.” This comment, made on a live panel, is reprehensible and extremely reminiscent of the victim blaming rhetoric we saw a year ago. We all know Trayvon Martin was an unarmed teenager, who’d just bought Skittles and a tea on a chilly Florida evening in February. George Zimmerman was an armed adult who followed Trayvon down a street, pursued him and then shot him. 
We are calling on the media to refuse to perpetuate victim blaming and irresponsible characterizations of Trayvon. The evidence shows there is no blood on Trayvon’s hands. Trayvon is not on trial here, he is the victim. Trayvon’s killer, George Zimmerman, is the man who is on trial.”


9:00AM EST: Court resumes. Jury selection will continue.


Here’s What To Expect Today:

Jury selection will continue. Stay updated with GlobalGrind as we give you a play by play of what’s to come.

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