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We’ve watched as the cast of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 grew up and faced the many challenges that come with being a young parent. Now, our favorite TV mamas are passing the torch.

MTV has revealed the premiere of Teen Mom 3 with a cast of fresh faces. The four new ladies have come up from their debut on 16 & Pregnant and are ready to face the challenges of life as young adults and mothers while we follow along.

Katie, Alex, Mackenzie and Briana couldn’t be more different. But they each share one thing in common: a love for their children.

Keep scrolling for a refresher course on these young moms.

When first we met Mackenzie, she was your average Oklahoma girl. She loved to cheerlead and had a thing for Southern men – more specifically, cowboys! That’s probably how she met her bronco-riding boyfriend Josh, who got her pregnant at just 16. Still not ringing a bell? Check out her full episode.

Katie had always been the star of the show. She loved to perform and had dreams of going away to college in Denver and getting her master’s degree in psychology. Unfortunately those plans were put on hold when Katie and her boyfriend Joey got pregnant with their daughter Molli. Check out their full episode to see the challenges she and Joey faced.

Florida girl Briana struggled throughout her episode of 16 & Pregnant. Upon discovering that she was pregnant, her boyfriend broke up with her, leaving Briana to decide whether or not she was ready to be a single parent. To make matters worse, Briana’s sister finds out she’s also pregnant and makes the challenging decision to terminate her pregnancy; she then finds herself harboring resentment for her sister. Fortunately, Briana had an extremely supportive mother who backed her through everything. With her help, Briana is able to enroll in school and ensure that she can give her baby girl Nova the world! Check out her drama-filled episode.

Alex had always dreamed of opening her own dance studio. Unfortunately those plans were put on hold when Alex and her boyfriend Matt found out they were having a child. When things with Matt get shaky, Alex considers giving her baby up for adoption. After giving birth to her daughter Arabella, Alex decides she cannot go through with the adoption and is forced to leave her mother’s home. After Matt bails on her, she’s forced to juggle school and multiple jobs to make ends meet. Luckily, her family comes around and supports her. Check out Alex’s episode.

Are you as excited as we are for the new season of Teen Mom 3? The show airs this summer.

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