The Daily Grind Video

In case you didn’t know: today is wild animals and rappers day. 

Eh, OK, not really.

Today there’s a lot of hard news stuff going on. Entertainment and music has been kinda slow (unless *cough* Wale is your thing).

So, shoot, we decided to hit ya’ll over the head with a rappers with animals post.

Why? Why not.

Here’s 15 pics of rappers posing with big, small, cute or furious animals.

Waka Flocka Flame & puppy

Kanye West & a dog

Tyler, the Creator & a kitty

Slim Thug & colorful monkey

50 Cent & a dog

Big Boi & a penguin

Cee Lo & identical looking cat

DMX & a puppy 

French Montana & two tigers 

Rick Ross & a tiger 

French Montana his buds & another tiger  

Tupac & a puppy

Asher Roth & a duck (quack)

Chris Brown & a dog

Chief Keef with Kiki’s dog