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The trial against George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin has been very emotional as well as controversial, and it became even more intense due to Instagram.

Zimmerman’s attourney Don West has already caused a stir with his opening “knock knock” joke for the jury during the trial, and taking a selfie with his daughters after the first week was even worse.

His daughters have been adding fuel to the fire all week and causing an uproar, as more controversial selfies from the courtroom, are coming to the surface. 

In the comment section of one photo Rachel even jokes that her dad is winning the case.


A tumblr site exposed the photos pointing out that this shouldn’t being going down in the courtroom.

Meanwhile, Justice For Trayvon Martin Coalition has released a flyer in honor of Rachel, which is protesting to make sure that a safe environment is created for witnesses in the courtroom and supporting Rachel Jeantel.

It seems these girls really don’t know how to act in the courtroom and should be removed!

Zimmerman’s trial will continue into this next week, and hopefully a verdict will be reached soon!

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