Sexy star of the latest summer action film, White House down, Channing Tatum sat down with Elle magazine to discuss everything from pregnancy, sex, to stripping, monogamy and more!

When asked, “is it true that pregnant woman want to have sex all the time?” Tatum said:

“It’s a bit of a paradox. They’re definitely hormonally raging, but when they get further along–they’re just dealing all the time. So, yes and no.”

Channing also reveals that he spends a lot¬†of time naked! Yum! The interviewer asked about his wife’s revelation that he strips down as soon as he comes home to which Channing replied:

“I don’t really know. I have a really nice back porch where the pool is. Once the shoes are off, the socks come off too, and then everything else downstairs just follows at some point.”

And the man has a love for the human body.

“I really love anatomy, in general. I like sculpting bodies,”

Handsome and an artist? Wow!

Although there are no live models around the Dewan-Tatum household, Jenna Dewan serves as his muse for his art work.

“My sculptures look like my wife. Not pregnant. Her old body.”

The new dad has changed a lot since his days as a stripper! Not only is he bringing in the big bucks and appearing on the silver screen, Channing has left behind the player lifestyle he once lived and settled down with the love of his life!

“Being in a relationship was always the endgame, but I’ve had my crazy times. When I was stripping, I wasn’t with anyone. That’s not an occupation you have when you’re monogamous.”

So what keeps this superstar marriage on track? Openness!

“I think communication and being brutally honest about the things that you want–what you fantazise about, or whatever…No matter what, talk to each other. That stuff you might be nervous to hear? You gotta want to know.”


Photo Credit: Wenn

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