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Christmas is coming twice this year for the paparazzi. With Beyoncé taking a well-earned sabbatical from the recording industry, photographers are being given ample opportunities to snap flicks of the Carters in all their married cuteness. This time, photographers got pictures of the couple hopping into their car in Paris, France, and spending some boo time in Paris’s Naughtclub.

In other Knowles’ news, Matthew Knowles released a statement to the press, dispelling all rumors about Destiny’s Child getting back together.

‘Contrary to rumors online of a Destiny’s Child reunion, there are no plans for the group to reunite for a performance or album. The rumors are false Destiny’s Child made an unprecedented impact in contemporary music, becoming one of the best-selling groups of all time. Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams have each moved on to successful solo careers. The members remain close, but will not reunite as a group.’

Now that Daddy Knowles has officially declared that R&B’s favorite “Independent Women” will never team up for another anything, we here over at Global Grind feel that it is important to let the entire Destiny’s Child machine know why a Destiny Child reunion is so vital.

Check out the 5 Reasons Why Destiny’s Child Should Reunite!


1. R&B is in need of some diversity.

Other than Trey Songz’s soundtrack to the booty call, Alicia Keys’s “Unthinkable”, and Usher’s increasingly freak nasty lyrics, R&B is currently at a stand-still. The majority of the R&B songs these days revolve around three central themes: heartbreak, lust, and overpowering love. Destiny’s Child was one of the few groups that managed to release songs like “Dangerously in Love,” along with “Independent Women” and have fans believe it all. The world of rhythm and blues could use something different.


2. It would stop people from spreading rumors that there is bad blood between them.

After all of that messiness that took place when the original Destiny’s Child disbanded, added on two new girls, and finally became DC3, rumor bugs are all-too-happy to continue to gossip about the former group members’ hating one another behind the scenes. Every blog that reports on Kelly Rowland’s latest musical efforts gets a wealth of comments that basically say, “OK, now we know Beyoncé is gonna swoop down and steal all of Kelly’s shine.” The only way to finally bury these nasty rumors is for Destiny’s Child to reunite, have a bomb album and tour, and then go their separate ways once more. If not, legions of Beyoncé haters will continue to throw her “obvious” attempts to crap on Kelly’s career into their tirades of shade.


3. Beyon

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