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In our youtube, facebook and twitter generation it’s never surprising what comes across the radar. Take a look at a song inspired by Master Variablast, turns out Variablast wants to turn a negative into a positive by changing the definition to mean ‘Human’ He says that we are all niggers (humans). So I guess that makes me a nigger, right?

So what do you think? Should this dude be singing about being a nigger, this is his attempt to change a word that has been evoked to hurt, anger and hate. We see what the dude is up to but at the same time ‘nigger’ has so been ingrained in the mindset of America it’s a shame that the word won’t go away.  


The video is really weird, it’s just him running around into trees and a pregnant woman doing the robot, really crazy sh*t, anyhow take a look at see for yourself.

Was The ‘Ni**er Song’ A Good Look Or Bad Look?customer surveys