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Two things that make this world a more aesthetically pleasing place: fashion and men. So that is why when Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana of Dolce & Gabbana announced this week that they had entered a 3-year deal with English soccer club Chelsea to dress its players, I shed a tear of joy.

‘We are big football fans, for us it means healthy competition, intense passion and great discipline,’ Dolce & Gabbana said in a statement. And can you blame them? In my very educated personal opinion, I’d have to say that soccer players are some of the most physically fit of athletes. The most widely-played sport in the world, soccer attracts male and females alike (although the females are probably watching for different reasons). Rock hard abs, quads of steel, backs of gold…the list goes on. 

The soccer-loving duo already dresses AC Milan, Italy’s national team. Under this new deal, Chelsea’s players will wear blue suits with two-button jackets and jacquard ties (although I don’t particularly care what color they’re wearing because it’ll look good regardless). D&G will also be designing (with sales over 1.378 billion euros last fiscal year) will also be handling the designs of the guests areas at the Stamford Bridge stadium. 

It would be a crime not to properly adorn the physiques these gentlemen work tirelessly to create. And while I’m at it, I’d like to turn the attention to all the other fine athletes that have lent their perfect forms to a worthy cause: Dolce & Gabbana fashion. 


Italian rugby players, 2008


Milano Beach Soccer Team

Italian Swimmers, 2009


Kobe Bryant in a three  piece wool suit with matching cap, sans neckwear

In a slim-fitting, two-button gray suit, skinny tie, and white pocket square.



AC Milan

Gennaro Ivan Gattuso and Pato


Former Italian defender, Francesco Coco

Current Italian defender, Fab