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For days now i have read numerous stories about the building of the Ground Zero Mosque. Alot has been said and peoples true colours have shown, not only in America but also in the U.K. My only question is, WHY CAN’T WE (MUSLIMS) build a mosque a couple of blocks away from where the disaster took place? People are arguing that it is because You (Muslims) were behind the disasters! Hold on a second, Islam does not encourage terrorism and no where in the Quran does it state that suicide is permissible and nor does it condone killing innocent peoples. You will always find a black sheep in every culture, religion and race. Why is there not a huge protest for the army surgents in Afghanistan or Gaza? they are killing innocent people. Aren’t they terrorists? Anyway thats for another day and discussion. 

I’ve read politicians saying that building a mosque at ground zero is like putting a knife through the victims families. So building a church, or a temple, or an amusement park deemed okay?! In this day and age it is sickening to see so much hate amongst humans. My religion (ISLAM) teaches us to respect all other religions, cultures and to be better humans. So why do people think that we are MONSTERS?! Why do people judge us because we have beards, our women cover themselves and that we dress in a particular way? Why are we judged FOR BEING MUSLIMS?!

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