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So, for the record my bossip and global grind readers I’m a little disturbed, not angry, that images from my 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue were leaked on Bossip and that I am apparently in a SANDWICH SWIRL love triangle? 

First of all I would have every right to be an equal opportunity lover if I so choose to be, however the men in the photograph are: Stewart Shining, the actual amazing photographer who I love and the well known makeup artist Glen Obrien, both of which happen to like men so for those of you who wish to see that swirl sandwich unless I decide to go through some extreme changes in altering my body, my ‘sexual advances’ in this photo are sadly wasted on two gay men. Furthermore, I would like to make a point that any private photos a person ever takes are posted on a social network sight BEWARE of being Facebook jacked! Are you so naive to notice all the photo equipment in the background pictures?

If you want to see what the actual images DO look like and see what amazing photos the sandwich swirl can produce make sure to pick up the new SI swimsuit issue out in February.