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There are various organizations and groups that are raising money for the devastating earthquake in Haiti and some of those groups, many of us support, as we have done in the past with other national and international disasters.  There has also been a lot of attention and public concern about some of those organizations and making sure that all of our donations are being put to proper use.  

We have heard from Wyclef Jean & the “Yele Foundation” Director and have been assured that all the funds which they have raised and continue to do so (over 2.5 million dollars @ this point) will go directly on the ground of Haiti , to it’s community & and victims.  However; Wyclef is extremely disturbed that his efforts are being questioned and challenged by certain groups and assures us that the accusations raised to discredit “Yele”, is false & unmerited.  As you know, Clef has family & friends there in Haiti and many of them are still missing.  He has dedicated himself to the cause of helping his homeland and promises to see the entire operation through, so to make sure that 100% of the funds are put to proper use.  Wyclef also wants everyone to know that if you prefer to donate to the Red Cross or the newly formed Presidential fund; “”, or some other, please do.  He just wants to make sure that we all stay committed and donate accordingly, no matter what the organization is, cause there is a lot of aid needed and a lot of work needing to be done.

I have spoken to many of you and as you know, I believe in Wyclef and his charitable organization.  A large majority of “Yele’s” support has come from the music, sports and entertainment community.  Clef is part of that community and is very very committed.  Personally, I will continue to support his efforts and I’m confident that the distribution of funds will be coordinated properly, with honesty and integrity.  

Again, thanks for your commitment to humanity!  


Michael Mauldin

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