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Last night GlobalGrind had a chance to catch up with LeBron James at an event for the launch of his new entertainment show “The LeBrons.” Directed by Ido Gondelman, and debuting in early spring 2011 exclusively on the Web, it is a family entertainment show designed to provide positive messages to today’s youth and young adults. It will tackle a wide variety of subjects, including family, teamwork, friendship, giving back to the community, staying in school, staying out of trouble all done in an edgy, fresh and relatable way.

Believe Entertainment Group partnered with LeBron James and his company Spring Hill Productions to produce this 10 episode animated series. A portion of proceeds from the series will be used for the purchase of HP computers powered by Intel® CoreTM processors, to be donated to Boys & Girls Clubs of America in support of its education initiatives.

The idea for the creation of the show began with a series of Nike television commercials introducing four characters that represent four different sides of LeBron James’ personality: KID, WISE, BUSINESS and ATHLETE. LeBron decided to create the new series loosely based on these characters, told through the point of view of KID, that will take place in Akron, OH, LeBron’s hometown. “The LeBrons” can be seen HERE!

Global Grind got the chance to speak with LeBron and learn more about what inspired his show and what message he wants to get across.  Check out our interview with LeBron on the next page.














Tell us about the message of The LeBrons?

It’s all about teaching the youth what’s right and wrong.


How did The LeBrons come about?

It first started with the series I had with Nike, called ‘The LeBrons’ where I used to do the commercials and I thought we could do more with it. So to be able to turn it into a cartoon is unbelievable. I’m looking forward to everyone getting the opportunity to see it.


Was this inspired by Michael Jordan’s Space Jam?

No, it wasn’t. But I was a fan of Space Jam when I was a kid. I loved that movie. That was an unbelievable movie right there, but this inspiration comes from my own story and I’m looking forward to showing it.


What was something you struggled with growing up?

You know…I guess getting bullied. Getting picked on as a kid was pretty tough.


You were raised by a single mother, any life lessons she taught you?

Probably the most importan