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Seems like the rest of the Jersey Shore dudes, and ladies are not really happy with the money MTV is handing them for the new shooting going on for season 3. Yeah, the cast want NEW CONTRACTS even before season 2 of Jersey Shore in Miami airs July 29th. At this moment this is what I know……..

( – is reporting that the cast is getting ready to shoot season 3 in New Jersey with Snooki and the Situation starting their filming tomorrow. Now while it’s unknowed if the two will go through with the shooting, it’s being said that the rest of the cast is holding out ONCE MORE for the mighty dollar.

Now people remember that early last week we found out that Angelina wouldn’t return to the show for (Season 3), and rumors are that most of the cast mates will get the kick out for Season 3?

In the minds of the cast members is that they could make more from just going to clubs, and party appearance  instead of staying in one spot having a camera crew follow them around.

Question I have is this……………. WHY ARE THEY HOLDING OUT FOR THE DOLLAR BILL… if they don’t know if Season 2 will do ANYTHING? Cause from what I’m hearing…. most people are sick of seeing them, and hearing about them.