The movie ‘Inception‘ is the talk of the town and proof that Christopher Nolan never fails to deliver mega-hits that can cause earthquakes of the mind.  From ‘The Dark Knight‘ to ‘Memento‘ mind-puzzling movies have been a hit with audiences, especially in the heat of the summer.  The magnetic force of psychological adventure is irresistible and ‘Inception’ is a grand addition to the list of movies that bamboozle.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and Ellen Page come into their characters in such a believable way that all lines of definition become obscured.  Seamlessly floating in and out of the subconscious it become difficult to find a point of gravitational security through clouds of simultaneous narratives.  Freudian theories aside, a psychoanalytical approach to dreaming is a never ending black hole of mysteries. 



A conspiratorial dash always adds flavor to such movies like ‘Inception’ especially for a society that feels vulnerable.  A question like ‘What if even our dreams were being monitored’ the seals the deal and holds audiences captive, startled by the disruption of certainty.  Even in our dreams, our secrets are not safe and the thought of being experimental gerbils in an oneirology experiment can be spiritually disturbing.

DiCaprio is a beautiful mouthpiece reciting a list of philosophy 101 questions that drives the narrative into an ontological dilemma.  While we are encouraged to be fearless within the dreamscape, the possibilities of it morphing into a primal nightmare becomes progressively irrefutable.  Nolan has no intention of being subtle, dreamers beware.  This is one of many pupil-dilating films that make the brain itch as if it were infected with chicken pox. 

We’ve rounded up a list of other perplexing films for the mind-puzzler addicted. 



10.  Fight Club

Brad Pitt and Edward Norton’s bipolar identities are deconstructed so unexpectedly that it becomes impossible to suspend our disbelief in final scenes of the movie.  There just might be a schizophrenic psychopath living inside ourselves.


9.  Inception

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