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Boston’s BoySam Adams performed Saturday night (July 17) at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City to a sold out audience. Although the artist was tired from doing several sold out shows that week, he did not let that show through in his performance at al.
Sam Adams ran through songs of his album, Boston’s Boy, and a couple of other tracks that he has recorded. Either way the crowd was into the music.
If you’ve ever heard any of Sam Adams music you now that if gives off a party and fun vibe when you hear it and that’s the exact atmosphere the crowd had before and while Sam was on stage.

The doors opened at 6 and the venue quickly filled in with fans ready for the show. There was a couple of times before the show started the crowd went crazy, probably because Sam Adams peeked his head out to check the crowd out.
The first opening act was Colin Mcloughlin, an up and coming hip-hop and R&B artist from New York. Colin had a similar style in his music to the main act, Sam Adams, so the crowd was able to get into his music and sing along with him. Getting to play a few of his songs off his EP. Colin also did a remix of the popular song ‘Airplanes.”
Not wasting time in-between acts, the second act went on shortly after Colin McLoughlin was done. Oncue went on and after he introduced himself from Hartford CT the crowd went crazy. As Oncue performed he gave off the same hip-hop feel but with a rock twist, as he performed along with a band.

[pagebreak]Once Oncue was done performing the crowd starting chanting ‘We want Sammy.’ Shortly after the second act finished it was time for Sam Adams to do what he loves, get on stage and perform for his fans. He started the show out with ‘Comin up,’ which got the crowed hyped up for what was in store for the rest of the show.

In between songs Sam Adams talked to the crowd saying, “I was telling the show last night. These ain’t shows theses parties!”
Going on from there he played song after song and everyone in the crowd new the words too all the songs. By the third song girls started throwing their bras on stage, by the end of the night they had a nice pile of them.

[pagebreak]Once the track started playing for Sam Adams hit song, that got him to where he is now, ‘I Hate College Remix’ that crowd got even more into the show. Closing out the show Sam Adams brought