The Daily Grind Video

I mentor tons of people. Young, old, woman, man because I feel like we all have a duty to give back to our world. Nothing is greater than the power of influence. I listen, share my thoughts, and give advice to the best of my ability to my mentees. I’ve been through alot and have grown from all my experiences. It has shaped me to be the person I am today- strong, determined, resilient, and it has strengthened my faith in God’s plan.
Jesus was a servant to many and his spirit evoked love, faith and hope. I carry that within my heart. I try to help everyone I can because the ultimate reward one can give another person is to impact and change a person’s life for the good. Consistently, I tell others to strive to be good role models because those things matter. That kid who knows my stats and knows everything about Ray Lewis, matters to me. I want that kid and other kids like him or her to not be influenced just by music, peers, videos, etc. I want young people to get to know who they truly are. What their likes and dislikes are without the peer pressure from outside sources.
It took me awhile to figure those things out. However it helped build my integrity and character when I looked to HIM for my guidance. I became my own individual. I then realized who I was and what I was called on this Earth to do. I needed to spread the good news and tell young people you are not alone. He is with you, so be your own person.