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It’s one thing to be anti-Obama, but it’s another to be down right mean and hateful. An anti-Obama billboard in Grand Junction is raising eyebrows and grabbing attention around the country this week. This disrespectful billboard displays President Obama in the most offensive way yet.

The 20 x 10 billboard off of I-70 references just about every anti-Obama meme. It depicts the President as a gay man, a Muslim, a gangster and Nazi, a communist, and a Mexican bandit, among other caricatures. It seems this hate will never end, the various Obama caricatures are seen gambling with sacred American icons like an American soldier and Uncle Sam as vultures and rats labled ‘IRS’ and ‘Trial Lawyers’ watch.


The owner of the billboard has chosen to conceal his identity, we wonder why? But Paul Snover, the artist who helped create the billboard, told KJCT In Grand Junction

‘we wanted to get people to thing a little deeper’ as the election approaches.

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