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Notorious B.I.G., the greatest rapper of all time died on March 9 thirteen years ago in a fatal shooting after attending a party in Los Angeles. To this day, the murder has not been solved.  Regardless of a bad police investigation, today we remember Christopher Wallace, the Brooklyn born M.C. who changed not only the rap game but hip-hop all together. One of the best things about Biggie was that he was the first to bring this swagger mentality into the game without telling everyone he had it. You just knew. Everyone thought this big, black, ugly dude wasn’t about nothing, but what they didn’t know was that his game was tighter than most dudes posting up in the club.  Biggie might not have had the looks but he had so much more…Biggie came along when we needed him and he didn’t disappoint.

Check out one of my favorite Biggie videos of all time, it told the story of Biggie’s life from his days hustling in Brooklyn to jail and to making it in the rap game, a truly dope video.  What was your favorite Biggie video?