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Lil Wayne finally started his jail term yesterday and I must say I’m a bit nervous for Lil Wayne. I got an exclusive update from inside Riker’s Island and it has me feeling a certain way. My source who asked to remain anonymous said contrary to reports that Lil Wayne does not have a panic button with him in case something happens. 

The source also states that when Lil Wayne was getting processed he showed the utmost respect answering each question with ‘yes sir, yes m’aam or thank you sir’. The source took this to read as if Lil Wayne was scared, but Lil Wayne is a very polite person. I’ve seen him respond like this on the streets, but that is why I’m concerned.

Lil Wayne is from a different culture and his ways may come off wrong to many inmates. Granted the hip hop media gave him a pass over the Baby picture and rightfully so. Will the inmates give him a pass too? 

My source also tells me that Lil Wayne ‘was quiet and even shaking a little bit.’ From the gang talk in his music, and his high profile, and relative slap on the wrist. I’m just scared someone will try something, but what do I know. I’ll keep you posted. 

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