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This is the 5PM MUSIC HAPPY HOUR, where we will give you a round-up of the 5 top stories in the music world as a cheat sheet to impress the happy hour crowrd with up-to-the-minute details on artists and bands. 

GQ has just annouced that Drake is ‘Breakout of the Year‘ in their Men of The Year series, but Drizzy himself also has a juicy announcement of his own regarding his upcoming album. 

You’ve been blowing up Girl Talk ear to ear but do you really know every single song that was sampled in this hyper-chaotic mashup gem that will put a 14 year old girl’s A.D.D. habits to shame?  We have the exclusive link that identifies every single sample used so you can be the biggest music snob during happy hour. 

Overheard on Twitter, the Strokes are finally going to grace us with a new album after a 4 year hiatus.  Finally, Jay-Zserves up the juiciest bite of all that will make you hungry for more and racing for the nearest Barnes & Noble for a copy of Decoded.


Girl Talks new album almost broke the internet with their psychotropic tracks being released on the internet. All Day Samples is a website that breaks down every track of the mashup mix by deciphering the various layers that make up every second of this hyperactive album.

Prepare yourself for a mental explosion while witnessing Girl Talk‘s continuum of creativity in stitching songs we already know into brand spanking new ear candy.


Four years overdue, the Strokes are finally coming out with a new album.  Announced via Twitter, Julian Casablancas of the Strokes reveals, ‘Still not going to be out for a few months — mixing, etc., but JUST finally finished it yesterday actually!?’

The untitled fourth album has been delayed due to most of the band of the members concentrating on their solo careers.  After the long hiatus fans can now begin to hunt for leaks of their new album, recorded in New York starting… now.


We thought Wiz Khalifa would invest in his own personal tattoo parlor but wait a minute, curve ball! Wizzzy is teaming up with Eyetique to design a line of slick shades to keep protect his eyes from the blazing spotlight he’s been enjoying recently. 

The line will be named, The Elevators and will feature the specks that he sported in the music video for Black & Yellow.  Wiz shares, ‘Hope yo

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