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We can see right through Nicki Minaj with the forthcoming video premiere of her very personal single “Right Thru Me.”

We all can admit its amazing to hear the many voices and characters Ms. Minaj portrays on her other tracks, but this song is different. Nicki isn’t using her usual animated voices to spit hot bars; on “Right Thru Me” she decided to take a softer more personal and reflective voice.  

Admitting that this is the first time she’s shared a personal relationship with her fans, Nicki is planning on delivering an intense video for “Right Thru Me” filled with relationship drama and insightful moments. In a behind the scenes moment, Nicki explains the concept and how the love story will unfold in the forthcoming video.



 Take a look at the behind the scenes of Nicki Minaj’s “Right Thru Me.”

If you haven’t heard the track, take a listen.