<p>There&rsquo;s a lot of debate over whether or not this health care bill has anything to offer the people of America. &nbsp;I&rsquo;d expect this to be the case, as it&rsquo;s an expensive bill.&nbsp; Why wouldn&rsquo;t anyone want to know how this bill will affect them individually?</p><p>This bill requires a sizeable investment by the taxpayers.&nbsp; All Americans will have to pony up to help their fellow man, let&rsquo;s be honest.&nbsp; Let&rsquo;s also note that the key players in health care are also required to help fund this endeavor through various measures.&nbsp; The bill is funded in various ways: from businesses over a certain size, insurance providers offering expensive plans, fraud reduction mechanisms with medical providers and vendors, limiting the amount certain providers spend on administrative costs and by individual mandates (which were recently reduced).&nbsp; The pharmaceutical industry has also pledged $80 billion over the next ten years.</p><p>Opencongress</p><p>Sec. 1302. Medicare prepayment medical review limitations. Streamlines procedures to conduct Medicare prepayment reviews to facilitate additional reviews designed to reduce fraud and abuse.</p><p>Read more!</p>

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