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Happy Fashion Week Grinders and Grindettes! This is by far ‘The Most Wonderful Time of The Year’ for fashion lovers! The tents, the celebs, the designers, and the FASHION! Ok I have a secret for you all, this is my first official Fashion Week. Shocked I know but let me break it down for you, I used to sneak into the shows, now I actually have passes! So that means I will do my very best to keep you all updated on every moment of this Fashionable Journey! Well guys I have to go, Fashion is calling, but I think you all should read this amazing story the NY TIMES runs every year called ‘When New York Fashion Met the World’….

(from the NYT) As the home of New York Fashion Week, Bryant Park is, to much of the world, synonymous with fashion. That is a fitting distinction since its wide-open lawn is also commonly referred to on Seventh Avenue, where famous designers like Donna Karan, Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera have their offices, as the backyard of the garment district. So when the New York catwalks were centralized under a big tent there in 1993, it made a poignant narrative to show the clothes just a couple of blocks from where they were being created.Sure, there were plenty of people then, as there are now, who thought it was perfectly appalling that a bunch of fashion designers should be allowed to take over just about the only patch of open green space in Midtown for their invitation-only affair. It may not have been obvious why fashion mattered to the thousands of tourists and commuters who walked by each day, irritated by the traffic, excited by the celebrities, bemused by the outfits.


Monday 10 am: BCBG @ Bryant Park

The remnants of last nights blizzard could not keep the crowd away atBCBG’s Fall 2010 Collection show this morning.  While the first row wasn’t headline worthy, the clothing managed to raise a few eyebrows. Like last collection showing, the hemlines were still relatively higher than most designers. The color pallatte was based in black and grey with hints of mustard, cocoa brown, beige and a military blue. Wriiten By  J. Dwayne Fashion Editor for

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