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Russell is a grapefruit expert! Russell Simmons stopped by Martha Stewart where they showed off styles from his Argyle Culture and American Classics clothing lines as well as his work with the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, Diamond Empowerment Fund, RUSH Philanthropic and the Hip Hop Summit. Also Russell let the world know that not only is he a grapefruit expert, he and Julie Henderson have something in the works.

Russell on his ex-girlfriend and their new grapefruit product:

R: I’m a grapefruit expert.

Martha Stewart: Oh, are you?

R: Yeah.

M: Oh yeah, I think you told me your ex-girlfriend [Julie Henderson] was a grapefruit heiress?

R: Yeah.

M: How did you let her go Russell?

R: (laughs) Anyway, she and I are still developing a business that involves grapefruits. So it’s kind of funny.

M: Are you using the extract of grapefruit, the skin?

R: Yes, the extract. Her family had the Henderson grapefruit.

M: Oh, from the pits?

R: I was hopeful today that she would be on the cover of Sports Illustrated but I think Brooklyn Decker is, with the announcement.

M: Oh my gosh, but I’m sure she’s one of them inside?

R: I’m sure she is.

M: And you had to let her go – for heavens sake!

R: Well, anyways, we are developing a grapefruit formula for the face. And it’s going to come out soon.

M: Well good.

R: It’s a renewal formula like the acids and the peel.

M: I totally believe in that and I love grapefruit. I think it’s one of the best fruits. What do you think? It’s sweet right?…

R: Umm, yea. I told you I’m an expert on grapefruits.

Julie Henderson is also featured in the new SI Swimsuit issue check out more of her here. 



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